RSM Facility Solutions is focused on service and relationships with a keen understanding of our clients’ budgets.

In 1998, RSM Maintenance (our former business name) was founded by Rob, Stephen and Michael Sargenti as a Design, Build and Maintain firm. They wanted to establish a business that would offer clients management from design inception to caring for the stores after they were no longer under GC warranty. In an effort to focus on our strengths and provide an unparalleled level of service to their clients, management divided RSM Maintenance and Sargenti Architects into separate entities.

RSM Maintenance is focused on service and relationships with a keen understanding of our clients’ budgets. We endeavor to offer our clients the best in service and affordable pricing. RSM Maintenance is an industry leader and constantly strives to hire the best and brightest.

Since 1998, RSM Maintenance has excelled in service to the retail, restaurant and multi-site industry. We provide our clients with high quality service and cost control programs throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We currently serve over 210 clients in the retail, restaurant and multi-site segment.

RSM Maintenance leverages technology to automate processes and establish control procedures for our clients. Since every client has unique needs, we spend the time to understand their business and partner with them to build a foundation of trust. We offer more than 22 years of industry leading best practices to take our clients to the next level.

On March 3, 2020 RSM Maintenance announced that it changed its name to RSM Facility Solutions. “The new business name better reflects the progress we have made over the past several years to be a more solution focused partner to our clients. The evolution of RSM enables us to be more responsive to changing client needs and has included enhancements to our talent, technology and process.” said Stephen Sargenti, President. “We are far more than a maintenance company.” RSM Facility Solutions is a top provider that offers enterprise-wide solutions for multi-site businesses as our clients’ first call, best resource, and most trusted business partner.