RSM Maintenance offers a hybrid mix of self performing and subcontracted technicians to service all of your facility maintenance needs.  We self perform handyman service in the Northeastern United States and in the Atlanta area. 

RSM Maintenance would like the opportunity to assist your company with implementing and developing a stronger program for running your daily facility maintenance operations. We understand the high pressures that retail and restaurant facility managers face on a daily basis and that’s why we keep you updated every step of the way. Let us deal with the paperwork and headaches; we’ve got you covered with one call.


RSM Maintenance has a vast network of electricians to service your locations in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. From ballast replacements, broken fixtures, bad breakers and completely dark stores, we provide timely service and low cost solutions.



For more than 15 years, RSM Maintenance has provided top notch plumbing service to our clients. Broken sinks, mystery leaks, clogged toilets and more; there is no issue too big or small for our network of plumbers. RSM Maintenance provides emergency and non-emergency services to include but not limited to:

  • Faulty restroom fixtures
  • Sewer Line Inspection
  • Water Filtration Systems
  • Hydro jetting
  • Irrigation Systems


At RSM Maintenance, we understand that HVAC downtime can hurt your business. These are the type of issues can turn customers away and impact your bottom line.

RSM Maintenance has got your HVAC needs covered. Our technicians troubleshoot your emergencies while also extending the life of your units and recommending best practice procedures. We have customizable Preventative Maintenance programs to suit your needs.



RSM Maintenance recognizes that a refrigeration issues can cripple your business. We have customizable programs to ensure your refrigeration is running efficiently. Our skilled technicians service ice machines, walk-ins and casework.



If it’s closing time and you can’t secure the front door at your location, RSM Maintenance has got you covered. We handle emergency and non-emergency door issues with our vast network of technicians. RSM Maintenance handles permanent and temporary repairs for all of your entrance needs.



There is nothing more frustrating to your employees who are trying to leave for the night than a gate that is jammed or won’t secure properly. RSM Maintenance dispatches skilled gate technicians 24/7 to provide temporary and permanent repairs at your locations.



Broken Glass is hazardous to your associates and your clients. RSM Maintenance dispatches experienced technicians that will provide temporary board-ups and permanent replacement of glass. From break-ins to hairline fractures, we will manage the installation process so that your employees can focus on their business.


Handyman / General

For more than 15 years, RSM Maintenance has offered affordable and high quality handyman repairs. RSM provides emergency and non-emergency services to include but not limited to:

  • Carpentry
  • Painting
  • Flooring Repairs and Replacement
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Fitting Room Locks and Doors


For more than 15 years, RSM Maintenance has been a trusted business partner in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for locksmith services. RSM Maintenance will dispatch a trained locksmith to provide temporary and permanent repairs for all of your lock issues.



RSM Maintenance paints more than 1,000 locations every year across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico for our clients.  We provide full painting services, touchups, preventative maintenance and rollout projects.



RSM Maintenance offers full remodel construction projects and minor refresh work.  We are your turnkey solution to single projects or rollouts.



RSM handles exit signs, pylons and exterior signage repairs or replacements.  We have a vast network of technicians skilled in LED and neon.