RSM Facility Solutions is the industry leader in multi-site facilities maintenance. We specialize in retail, restaurants, financial institutions, hotels, branch offices and locations with a centralized corporate facilities program. RSM Facility Solutions has got you covered for your interior and exterior facilities needs.



RSM Facility Solutions started out in the specialty retail sector. We’ve serviced this market for more than 22 years and understand the needs of this unique customer whether it’s a small box chain with mall and street locations or a large box retailer located primarily in strip centers. Often times repair work is restricted to non-operating hours and we understand this. RSM Facility Solutions keeps our office staffed until 1:30am EST to dispatch locksmiths and gate vendors when stores cannot secure for the night. Trust RSM Facility Solutions with your electrical, plumbing, HVAC and general repair work and we’ll do the heavy lifting. We are proud members of the Connex Association and our employees have served in various positions of leadership in that organization including serving on the board of directors.



RSM Facility Solutions is a proud member of the Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA) and have employees that serve in leadership roles within that organization. We have a heightened awareness to the unique needs of restaurants and the service requests that impact sales, safety, public health and security. RSM Facility Solutions has worked in this industry for more than 20 years. We’ve got you covered.



Convenience stores have similar needs to both retailers and restaurants, but they also have very specialized issues that are unique to their business. RSM Facility Solutions provides exterior and interior facilities services for this market. We are proud members of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).



RSM Facility Solutions understands the special security requirements when dealing with financial institutions and banking. We represent several major check cashing clients in the United States and Canada. RSM specializes in exterior and interior services for this market segment.



Most hotel chains handle some of their own maintenance but cannot manage all of the trades with their in house crews. That’s when RSM Facility Solutions steps in to assist. We assist major hotel chains with their exterior and interior facility repair needs in the US and Canada.



If your portfolio consists of dental or medical offices that span across multiples states, RSM Facility Solutions has got you covered. We are familiar with the unique needs of this market segment and will expedite emergencies that impact the sales, safety or security of your facility.


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RSM Facility Solutions partners with centralized facilities departments to provide services to their multi-site offices. Whether it’s a shipping/freight company or a daycare facility, RSM Maintenance has got you covered. We have a diverse portfolio of multi-site offices that we manage. RSM Facility Solutions looks forward to learning about your unique business needs and we will customize a program for you.

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